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333 Skin & Bath Co.

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333 Skin & Bath Co. is a wellness brand that focuses on using manifestation practices to create and design your best life. Our bath bombs are meditation tools that serve as anchors to accelerate all your manifestations. Each one of our bath bombs is carefully formulated with a blend of oils that allow for deep relaxation & a healing crystal that has a unique purpose within the formula. We believe that self love begins with self care. When you invest time into nourishing your mind & overall wellness everything around you begins to transform.

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Founder Maxiel Beltre

During a difficult time in my life I turned to self care, spiritual synchronicities and wellness practices to help me navigate and move forward. This is how 333 was born. I used my bath bombs as a tool to unwind and reconnect with myself.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I first heard about Project: Pop-Up from a friend who had a shop through the program. Instantly I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. I applied for Project: Pop-Up because I am interested in building a powerful community of small business owners in my city. I love to network, share resources, help other businesses grow. I also love connect with my local customers in person, especially during the joyful time of the holidays. Having an in person shop also allows me to be present with my business everyday and get my creative juices flowing


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