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Homebody DIY

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Homebody DIY was created in 2020 after a long dinner conversation by Cari Meillo, an art therapist looking to provide her clients and the general population with a creative, crafty way to cope with their hardest moments. Today her business features an array of craft kits, including punch needle, pom pom and weaving kits designed to bring joy and elicit calm.

Founder Cari Melillo

Cari Melillo, Owner of Homebody DIY is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor With A Specialization in Art Therapy. Cari created this business after writing her thesis on, The Therapeutic Properties of Textile Handicrafts and finding research that supported the thought that when we engage in repetitive movements we calm ourselves down and also connect with our body! Cari deeply believes that everyone needs a hobby that doesn't involve looking at a screen and gets them more in touch with themselves that way they can see the moments of joy in each day.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I applied to Project: Pop- Up to take a chance on my business, to meet like minded individuals and to get more involved in my community. I have always loved the idea of owning a little shop and this felt like the best way to give that a shot and try all new things! I also really am a "people person," so any excuse to get out there, get into the community and get the ability to chat everyone up is the only excuse I need!


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