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Past Pop-Up

Little Pearl Candy Company


Little Pearl, founded in Marblehead MA, brings everyday sweetness from around the world into your snacking routine. From a quick bite during your workday to edible installations and candy bars, Little Pearl is the ultimate sweet treat - for yourself or for anyone else in your lineup, for moments big or small.

past pop-up location:

Founder Alexandra Taussig

Little Pearl Candy was born when founder Alexandra Taussig wanted to share her passion for curating candy from around the world to create the perfect gummy mix for her friends, family, & solo snacking moments.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

After seeing our business take off on digital channels, we are excited to be able to test out an experiential brick & mortar experience! Project: Pop-Up is the perfect balance of support and jumping into the deep end - we are excited to have great resources and tools around us, while also having the freedom to explore what a retail experience for our brand could look like.


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