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Past Pop-Up

Phoebe Jon

Apparel (women)

Created by women for women, Phoebe Jon simplifies how women dress for work. Crafting pants that empower women in the day-to-day, we create collectable pieces that elevate the foundational wardrobe.

past pop-up location:

Founder Manyaqi Wang

Founded on the philosophy “confidence in fit”, Manyaqi started Phoebe Jon with the vision of a more personal, customizable clothing line that allows women to feel empowered wherever their work takes them. She is earning an MBA degree at Boston College while continuing her journey with Phoebe Jon.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I wanted to interact and build lasting relationship with my customers. It's hard building a brand as a solo founder and COVID made it harder. I'm excited to experiment with brick and mortar through Project: Pop-Up.


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