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Past Pop-Up

Plaid Pine Designs

Apparel (kids)

Plaid Pine Designs creates high quality, functional children's clothing, while putting sustainability at the forefront. Each piece is crafted in house, by hand- using only the best materials, which are designed and sourced from eco-conscious small businesses.

past pop-up location:

Founder Micaela Ahl-Ford

Micaela Ahl-Ford is a self-taught sewist, who finds joy in creating special handmade clothing items, perfect for gifting and treasuring! When she isn't sitting at the sewing table, she is cheering her two boys on at sporting events, baking delicious treats in the kitchen, or going on daytrip adventures with her family.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I applied for Project Pop-Up for all the fantastic opportunities they lend to small businesses, including setting up brick and mortar shops, shining light on social media accounts, cheering on those that might not otherwise see the exposure they hope for or deserve! I have been doing artisan markets and fairs under tents, and selling online for a few years now, but have dreamed of owning a small childrens clothing shop! Thanks to Project Pop- Up, I'm getting the chance to have a storefront and fill it with all my favorite handmade items!


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