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Past Pop-Up

Rebel Market

Apparel (women)

Born from a love of thrifting, fashion, and a desire to do better for our planet.

Rebel Market is a way of life.

It is sustainability, intention, and heart.

Love for self, and the environment.

Buying second hand, reducing waste.

past pop-up location:

Founder Jennifer DeFlorio

Jennifer has spent all of her career working in small business and non profit. She is an Art Therapist by training and lover of fashion and thrifting by nature. Jennifer views personal fashion as the greatest expression of the self. Rebel Market is her collection of wardrobe, accessories and curiosities to adorn your body.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I have been a treasure hunter and collector of beautiful things for as long as I could remember, trailing my mom and grandmother at the local church thrift shops and estate sales on weekends.

Naturally, I was recruited to work in vintage shops and handmade designer boutiques, solidifying my experience of running a small business. All the while, my collection continued to grow. Soon enough I began to sell my overflow of wardrobe as a hobby. It was encouraging to see my things sell when I presented them to the public! I kept collecting and learning as much as I could about fabric, design, mending, and history of fashion. One day a local designer and friend told me about Project Pop up and encouraged me to apply. I decided to take a chance on myself and apply to Project: Pop-up so that I can push myself to take the steps and make this project a reality.


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