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Roü-Mi Candles

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Roü-Mi is a candle that announces its presence well before being lit. Every detail has been carefully curated, from the colorful labels to the choice of fragrance oil or type of wax. Each of our candles has been specifically created to please the scent palate of all of our customers. Whether it is sweet, earthy, fruity, or a fresh floral scent.

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Founder Prisca Mbiye

I began my unofficial candle making journey in 2018 as a hobby which quickly turned into a passion. This small curiosity which started in my kitchen eventually grew into something that I loved doing. I have always been a candle lover or maybe a candle hoarder, some would say. When the idea finally settled in my brain of creating my own scented candle company, it was important to me that every candle I created made someone’s space feel roomie if not roomier. Ultimately creating Roü-Mi Candle.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I applied for Project Pop-Up because I thought it gave small businesses a great opportunity to thrive by giving them visibility in their community. As well as gain experience of owning a shop. What i hope to gain through this experience is the intricacies of owning a shop. Many times we think that it's just having a lease and decorating your store, but there is much more that goes it into every operation.


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