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Needing to return to work after being a stay at home mom for some time Lesley started packaging her smudge sticks (often wrapped while reciting the serenity prayer) to build a current portfolio for graphic design, branding and packaging. A few stores stumbled on the mock website and social pages she created and reached out about carrying the products in their stores. Thus Serenity Sage was born and has grown to include Lesley's pottery, candles and herbal skincare. The phrase often recited by her mother holds true "We plan, God laughs."

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Founder Lesley Keegan

Lesley’s work is inspired by nature and spirituality. She aspires to create moments for the recipient with each piece. Be it holding a warm mug and tracing a design carved into the side or getting lost in a glaze drip on a bowl the intention is to bring the owner to the present moment even just for a split second.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

I loved the idea of having a brick and mortar location for my products but the jump to do so was pretty daunting. My friend and I looked at the West Emerson location and it all came together pretty quick from there. I am so grateful for all the resources and support that UpNext has given us so far and look forward to learning even more!


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