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Past Pop-Up

Short Girl Boutique

Apparel (women)Accessories / Shoes

Welcome aboard shorties, this store was made for you! The Short Girl Boutique carries an array of product including pants and dresses that are made for shorter women.

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Founder Cici Frattasio

As a former female athlete who stands proudly at 4’10”, I wanted to create a brand that would instill confidence and acceptance in females who did not necessarily fit the category "petite". Clothing in particular has always been a struggle for me since there is such a limited selection for those under 5'4, a group of women who make up 40% of the US Female population, thus I envisioned a store that would empower women, no matter how short, curvy, or skinny you are.

Why did you apply for Project Pop-Up?

As a new company, The Short Girl Boutique looks to gain experience in terms of how to navigate running a business, the ins and outs of the retail industry, and how to obtain brand awareness via storefront and social media.


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